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When is the Rapture?


According to Jesus:
The Wheat & The Tares
The Olivet Discourse
The Upper Room Discourse

According to Peter:
Peter's First Sermon
Peter's Second Sermon
Peter's Epistles

According to Paul:
1 Cor. 15 & the Last Trumpet
1 Thess. 4 & the Rapture
1 Thess. 5 & Day of the Lord
2 Thess. 1 & Posttrib Rest
2 Thess. 2 Antichrist First
Titus 2:13 The Blessed Hope

According to John:
The Rapture in Revelation
Resurrection in Revelation

According to Early Christians:
Early Church Eschatology

Answers on Preparation

Early Warning System
Flight of the Watching Ones

Answers on Chronology

Millennial Week Eschatology

Answers for

Pretrib Revisionism
Origin of Pretrib
Double Talk
Not Appointed to Wrath
Jewish Wedding Customs
24 Elders & the Rapture
Rapture Terminology

Answers for

The Corruption of Eschatology
Kingdom Hope in Hebrews
Date of Revelation
Revelation 20
1 or 2 Resurrections? New!
New Jerusalem Amillennialism's Gnostic Roots
"Heavenly" in Eph & Heb
The Man of Sin
Kingdom Hope in Hebrews
The Date of Revelation
The Millennium in Revelation 20
1 or 2 Resurrections?
The "New Jerusalem"

Answers from

The "Sons of God"


Historic Premillennialism (Warner)

Amillennialism (Doughty)

Amillennialism (Fields)
Dispensationalism (Couch)
Preterism (Frost)

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Tim Warner is a pastor - teacher at Oasis Christian Church in Tampa, Florida, and the founder of the Pristine Faith Restoration Society.

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Session 1: Warner | Doughty | Rebuttals | Conclusions, Q&A;
Session 2: Warner | Doughty | Rebuttals | Conclusions, Q&A;
Session 3: Warner | Doughty | Rebuttals | Conclusions, Q&A;
Session 4: Warner | Doughty | Rebuttals | Conclusions, Q&A;

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