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The Corruption of Eschatology
Kingdom Hope in Hebrews
Date of Revelation
Revelation 20
1 or 2 Resurrections? New!
New Jerusalem Amillennialism's Gnostic Roots
"Heavenly" in Eph & Heb
The Man of Sin
Kingdom Hope in Hebrews
The Date of Revelation
The Millennium in Revelation 20
1 or 2 Resurrections?
The "New Jerusalem"

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Tim Warner is a pastor - teacher at Oasis Christian Church in Tampa, Florida, and the founder of the Pristine Faith Restoration Society.

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The New Jerusalem

Other Hot Topics!

Flight of the Watching Ones: Revelation 12 and several other passages indicate that alert believers will flee to remote places during the last half of the tribulation where they will be preserved, protected, and fed by God. The location of these places has been hidden right under our noses. Learn where to flee when the ‘abomination of desolation’ occurs. Pretribulationists and dispensationalists are being set up by a false eschatology which will cause them to miss the narrow window of opportunity, and become prey to the Antichrist and his minions. Those who miss the signal or hesitate too long will not be allowed entrance later. “Remember Lot’s Wife!”
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Unfaithful Shepherds, a Message to My Fellow Pastors. In the days just before the Babylonian captivity, unfaithful shepherds (pastors) assured the Jews that judgment would not come to them. But Jeremiah, God’s faithful shepherd, told the truth and was persecuted for it. Today, the majority of shepherds (pastors) are assuring Christians that they have a ticket to view the end time events from the grandstands in heaven. Only a few are bold enough to tell the truth, like Jeremiah, and prepare Jesus’ flock for the difficulties that precede Jesus’ coming. The unfaithful shepherds in Jeremiah’s day were destroyed when Nebuchadnezzar came. Jesus also warned that pastors who do not prepare their flocks for what is coming will be beaten with stripes, and some will be cut in pieces and thrown in with the unbelievers. Part of the necessary preparation for pastors is to discover the “hour” of Jesus’ coming by the signs Jesus gave, and feeding Jesus’ flock with the necessary information “at the proper time,” so they can be ready. Listen to Pastor Tim Warner’s sermon,
“Unfaithful Shepherds.”

This is the final generation. The 6 day creation week is not only a literal historical account of creation, but is also prophetic of 6,000 years of mankind’s toiling under the curse. The “Sabbath” is prophetic of the coming Millennium. Jesus will return to restore the creation, raise dead believers to be co-heirs with Him of the earth, and establish His Kingdom over the nations. This will occur 6,000 years from the day of Adam’s sin and expulsion from Eden. This eschatology is called “Chiliasm” (Greek for “millennialism”), and was the hope of the earliest Christians taught by the Apostles.
Part I, Eschatology of the Creation Week
Part II, A Chronology of the Whole Bible (Chronology Chart)

The “New Jerusalem” in Revelation 21-22 is restored Jerusalem in the Millennium, prophesied by Isaiah and Ezekiel. This can be proven by the many times Revelation 21-22 quotes Isaiah’s and Ezekiel’s prophecies of Jerusalem in the Kingdom, (and is powerful evidence against Amillennialism). Its size is not 1,500 miles square, as many interpreters claim, but only covers about 104 square miles in area, the same demensions given by Ezekiel.
Read Article [ Audio Part I | Audio Part II | Audio Part III ]

On Celibacy, Marriage, and Divorce in Light of the Impending Great Tribulation. In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul gave specific instructions regarding marital issues to be followed by Christians during the Great Tribulation. This is further proof that Paul did not teach a pretribulation rapture.
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The true origin of pretribulationism casts serious doubt upon its validity. This article takes a fresh look at the historical evidence uncovered by Dave MacPherson, tracing both dispensationalism and pretribulationism back to Edward Irving, founder of the Catholic Apostolic Church, a proto-charismatic cult of the early 1800s.
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Noah’s 360 day calendar in Genesis may be key to understanding both the flood and the signs Jesus gave of His second coming. This article includes a new translation of an important passage from the Septuagint which indicates the cause of the flood was the tilting of the earth’s axis.
Read More.

The timing of the “rapture” is a divisive and contentious subject in the world of Evangelical Christianity. Churches typically do not like controversy, and will do much to avoid it altogether. Evangelical churches in the United States seem to fall largely into two camps, being either staunchly “pretribulational,” or avoiding the subject altogether. The former group typically considers no other view worthy of a hearing. The latter group seems to think eschatology is too complicated for Christians to be bothered with, and completely unnecessary to the Christian life. Both of these are dangerous.
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The unanimous view of the early Christians regarding the rapture was that it would occur at the end of the tribulation, and that the last generation of Christians would be persecuted by the Antichrist.
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The final destiny of the redeemed, whether in heaven or within this restored creation, was a topic of great debate in the early Church. Those who denied the resurrection of the body also taught an eternal destiny in heaven. This view was strongly influenced by the same Greek philosophy that drove Gnosticism. The orthodox writers, those with direct linkage to the Apostles, strongly defended the resurrection of the body. They also held to the idea that this creation will remain, will be restored at the second coming of Christ, and will be the inheritance of Jesus Christ and all who are in Him.
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Understanding Genesis is critical to understanding Revelation. One of the hot button topics from Genesis concerns the “sons of God” in Genesis 6. Some claim these were angels who took human women, and produced hybrid offspring. While this is a very common and ancient interpretation, it is not the most ancient. Nor can it be sustained from a sound exposition of the Scriptures.
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Hot Debates!

Amillennialism is the eschatology of Roman Catholicism, most mainline Protestant Denominations, Seventh Day Adventists, and the Churches of Christ. Pastor Tim Warner debated Norm Fields, the minister of Bawcomville Church of Christ, West Monroe, La., who defended Amillennialism. Tim Warner defended historic Premillennialism, the eschatology of the earliest Christian apologists of the second and third centuries.
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Dispensationalism is extremely popular among western Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, particularly among Baptists, Bible Churches, Community Churches, and most independent churches. Dispesationalism is the theology that produces the popular pretribulation rapture doctrine. Pastor Tim Warner went head to head with Dr. Mal Couch, founder and former president of Tyndale Theological Seminary, and member of Tim LaHaye’s (Left Behind) Pretrib Research Study Group.
Read More.

Preterism is a view gaining popularity among many in the Reformed (Calvinist) churches. It claims Jesus’ second coming already took place in AD70, in a non-literal sense. This view denies the resurrection of the body, and claims that all prophecy in the Bible has already been fulfilled. Jesus is not coming back literally and physically, according to this eschatology. Pastor Tim Warner took on preterist author and former pastor, Sam Frost, in this debate.
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