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“Let him who is taught the word share in all good
things with him who teaches.” (Galatians 6:6)
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BBI Module XI – The Book of Revelation

Tim Warner teaches verse by verse through the book of Revelation

Epic Fails of the Modern Church

Steven Noseworthy gives some thoughtful insight into the failures of modern Christianity.

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General Epistles:
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Topical Teaching:

Topical Teaching by Speaker: Tim Warner | Steven Noseworthy | Ben Wallick | Walter Diaz | Samori Dobson

Why _________?

Eye of the Storm

Daniel’s Prophecies

True Worship


The 10 Commandments of Jesus
Introduction 1 | Introduction 2 | Commandment I | Commandment II | Commandment III | Commandment IV | Commandment V | Commandment VI |Commandment VII | Commandment VIII | Commandment IX | Commandment X | Epilogue |

The Mind of Christ
The Value of One Soul | Sin | The Jews | A Servant’s Heart |

The Church
The Church of Who? | The Character of the Church | The Mission of the Church | The Essential Unity of the Church | Building Up the Body of Christ | The Temple of the Spirit | A Successful Church | Lukewarm | Follow Me, & I will make You Fishers of Men | His Wife has made Herself Ready

Last Days Survival Gear
Introduction | Jesus’ Presence in the Storm | “On a Wing and a Prayer” | Asset Management for the Last Days | The “Armor of God” for “the Evil Day” | An Abundant Entrance into the Kingdom | “Remember Lot’s Wife!”

Biblical Chronology
Introduction, Part 1 | Notes | Introduction, Part 2
God’s Jubilee Calendar | Power Point
Creation to Abraham | Power Point
Abraham to the Exodus | Power Point
Exodus to Solomon | Power Point
Solomon to Cyrus | Power Point
Cyrus to Christ, Part 1 | Part 2 | Power Point
Crucifixion to 2nd Coming | Power Point

The Mazzaroth
Virgo – Abrahamic Covenant
Libra – Mosaic Covenant
Scorpio – Wilderness Wandering
Sagittaruis – Promised Land
Capricorn – Davidic Covenant
Aquarius – Babylonian Captivity
Pisces – Return from Captivity
Aries – Lamb of God
Taurus – Apostolic Mission
Gemini – Jew & Gentile United
Cancer – Great Tribulation
Leo – Messiah’s Kingdom

Misc Topical Sermons
Faithfulness in Times of Change: Audio | Video
Sacred Cows & Pulling Weeds: Video
My Presence will go with You: Audio | Video
Gospel According to Titus – Part I
Gospel According to Titus – Part II
Tip or Tithe?
King or Criminal?
Resisting Entropy
What’s in a Name?
Sweet Beulah Land
Bring Only What You Can Carry to the Top
The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, the Lost Son
The Yellow Brick Road
Sanctification Part I
Sanctification Part II
Sanctification Part III
Sanctification Part IV
A God – Forsaken Nation
Love One Another
Every Good and Perfect Gift
God’s Instruments of Music
Biblical Psychology
Jesus, the Resurrection & the Life
Why Christians Suffer
Reconciled to God
All Things Work Together for Good
The Prodigal Son
Independence Day
Is Jesus Welcome in Your House?
Top 10 Stupid Christian Clich├ęs
Spiritual Exercises? or Spiritual Disciplines?
Three Suggestions for the Last Days
Are You Fit for the Master’s Use?
The Defeat of Terrorism
Unfaithful Shepherds
The Proper Response to the Gospel
The Faith of Abraham
Redeemed, Justified, Sanctified
The Lord Added to the Church
Strength for the Journey
Jesus the Divider
Jesus Christ, the King of Israel
Titus 2:11-14
The Lord is My Shepherd
Real Conversion is:
3 Lessons from a Child
Biblical Church Growth
Surviving God’s Judgment
Thirsting for God
Thanksgiving is not Enough

Articles by Tim Warner

The following documents may be printed or saved electronically for personal study only. Send us an email request if you would like to use any of them in other ways. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view these documents (pdf format).

  • Are the Dead Conscious?
  • Instrumental Music in Worship
  • Kingdom Hope in Hebrews
  • Mystery of the Twin Pillars, Jachin and Boaz
  • Officers of a New Testament Local Congregation
  • Spiritual Gifts in the Church – Part I
  • Spiritual Gifts – Part II, The Purpose of Tongues
  • Articles on Baptism
  • The Purpose of Baptism
  • The Great Commission (Mark 16:15-16)
  • Baptism, & the Great Commission (Acts 2:38-39)
  • Baptism & Circumcision (Colossians 2:11-13)
  • Baptism & the Sinner’s Prayer
  • 20 Benefits of Baptism
  • Articles on Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage & Gender Roles
  • Christian Divorce & Remarriage
  • “From the Beginning of the Creation”
  • Intimacy & Sexuality in Marriage
  • More articles by Tim Warner can be found on the Answers in Revelation.