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Oasis Satellite Fellowships There are many displaced Christians seeking fellowship, but unable to find a church that faithfully teaches God’s Word. Most churches teach doctrines tainted with Greek philosophy, and remove the urgency for Christians to shape up and train for the last-days trial. Christians who begin questioning certain sacred cows (like the pre-tribulation rapture or once-saved-always-saved) are seen as a threat and ostracized by thier own churches. These Christians know intuitively that the end-time trial is on the horizon. But modern churches are willfully oblivious, preoccupied with being “relevant” to the entertainment appetites of the me-centered generation.

Oasis Christian Church seeks to assist in forming and supporting last-days house Fellowships. We provide free teaching videos and other resources for Satellite Fellowships. We believe the faithful end-time congregations will meet in homes, just as the early Christians did. Oasis Christian Church has no control over any of the Satellite Fellowships. They all govern themselves and their own finances as they see fit. The Satellite Fellowship leaders and their families gather annually for a week of fellowship and fun.

2015 Annual Retreat
2015 Annual Retreat

Satellite Fellowship Baptisms:
Michael | Denny & Meagan | Cindy | Nathan | Jradon, Nick, Sybil | Lina | Abigail, Caleb | Ben
Debbie | Sara | …


Ontario, Chatham:
Brody Bechard, [email protected]

Ontario, London:
Matt Boyce, [email protected]


Steven Francis, [email protected]

United States

Colorado, Agate:
Bijou Community Christian Fellowship, Facebook Page
Steve Morris, [email protected]
Bijou Community Christian Fellowship

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Connecticut, Hartford:
Michael Cox, [email protected]

Florida, Weirsdale (Ocala):
Michael Smith, [email protected]

Georgia, Commerce:
Harry Farrell, [email protected]

Illinois, Chicago:
Joel Tamburo, [email protected]

Illinois, Peoria: Teaching Videos / Audios
Ben Wallick, [email protected]
Duke Surber, [email protected]
Peoria Satellite Fellowship


Iowa, Des Moines:
Brian Peterson, [email protected]

New Jersey, Mount Laurel:
Johnny Walker, [email protected]

Ohio, Cleveland:
Dennis DeChant, [email protected]
Mel Hoffman, [email protected]

Oklahoma, Tulsa (Mannford):
Randy Anderson, [email protected]

Pennsylvania, Meyersdale:
Mike Sines, [email protected]

South Carolina, Fountain Inn:
Tim Warner, [email protected]
Fountain Inn Fellowship

South Carolina, Myrtle Beach:
Billy Hall, [email protected]

Tennessee, Columbia:
Tim Fritsch, [email protected]

Tennessee, Talbot:
Marc Russert, [email protected]

OASIS World Outreach

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10:00am – BEREANS Bible Institute
11:15am – Worship

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